Pool Decking That Will Complete Your Home

Pool Decking That Will Complete Your Home
Pool Decking That

Will Complete Your Home

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Pool decks have specific performance requirements when compared to other traditional patio surfaces. They need to be slip and heat resistant as well as have the ability to withstand the constant exposure to water and harsh pool chemicals. They need to be gentle on bare feet and splinter free. This is a tall order to fill, but there are many options that not only fit the bill, but also enhance your home and pool area.

There are many varieties of concrete overlays and surfaces that can meet all of the optimal requirements for appropriate pool decking while also being modern and chic. Decorative concrete gives you the ability to customize shape, size, color, and surface treatment like no other surface can offer. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few of the most popular decorative concrete options.

Stamped Concrete
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Stamped concrete gives you the ability to mimic natural slate, brick, or even flagstone without the exorbitant price tag associated with such surfaces. Get a designer look at an affordable price and without the upkeep. Stamped concrete can look identical to natural stone but is significantly easier to install and maintain. Stamped concrete can also be combined to enhance other aggregate concrete treatments such as brushed concrete, broom finishes, or borders.
Colored Concrete
Although coloring concrete typically goes hand in hand with a stamped treatment, it can also be applied to concrete as a single application. By combining the application with stamping, you can fully replicate the colors and patterns of natural stone, slate, and brick as well as other materials. For pool decks lighter colors are most popular because they reflect the sun’s rays and keep the surface of the concrete cooler than darker colors.
Stenciled Concrete
Instead of rubber stamping, stenciling uses disposable paper stencils to create brick or stone patterns onto the surface of the concrete. The appearance of individual stones or bricks with mortar are obtained by adding a color hardener or stain prior to removing the stencil. This effect is realistic and easily applied making stenciled concrete an affordable option for your pool deck choice.
Rock- Salt or Exposed Aggregate Concrete
Rock- salt application is a low cost alternative that leaves your pool deck concrete with a simple slip resistant finish. This method is often combined with colored or other concrete finishes and is created by pressing rock salt into the freshly applied concrete and then washing the pieces of rock salt away. Exposed aggregate is a different method that leaves a similar texture making both of these particularly desirable for your pool deck because of its slip resistance. Either of these applications can be combined with colored, stamped, or stenciled concrete to create interesting contrast.
Using any of these options to complete or enhance the area surrounding your pool will not only serve a functional purpose but will also add detail and design that will enhance the aesthetic of your home and allow your pool to become a cohesive part of your landscape.