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Pool Deck Repair

Pool Deck Repair
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Pool Deck Repair Dallas Texas
No matter how well we care for our pool deck or how much we try to protect it, damage to the decking is inevitable. Where other contractors in Dallas will try to make you tear up your decking and have it replaced, we are offering our neighbors in Dallas a much faster and affordable route. This service is pool deck repair and we can save you thousands of dollars by simply:
  • Filling and covering all cracks and or gouges
  • Lift and clean all stains affecting the coating
  • Repaint or reseal existing coatings to bring them back to life
Want to know more about our fast and affordable pool deck repair? All the information you need is down below!
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When Should You Consider A Repair
Thankfully, the signs that your pool deck needs to be repaired are fairly obvious. We always urge our clients to treat every small crack or gouge with utmost urgency as that small crack is allowing water in the concrete and can cause a major problem in a matter of time. Here are the signs of damage you need to look out for and what they can cause for you or your pool deck if not dealt with accordingly:
  • Cracks pose the most harm to you and your pool deck as they can be hazards when the pool is in use. They will also cause additional problems by allowing water to enter the concrete which will leak and cause the underlying soil to wash away, causing serious structural damage
  • Faded paint or sealers can lead to the pool deck becoming unprotected against harsh UV rays, chemicals in the pool and can even make the decking slippery
  • Gouges can lead to water and other foreign materials under your coating, which will cause the coating to become delaminated and peel away
pool deck repair
Repair Or Resurface Your Pool Deck
When it comes down to concrete pool deck repair, sometimes the damage may have already gone too far and may need extra help to get the pool deck back on the right track. This extra help is known as pool deck resurfacing and may be required if the pool deck has more than minor damage. There is so much you have the opportunity to do with pool deck resurfacing while still saving money compared to having your pool deck replaced. Down below we have outlined what we can repair and how. We have also outlined a few of the materials we can use to resurface your pool deck but for more information on that process, check out our pool deck resurfacing page!
resurface pool deck
Cracks are the most common form of damage found on pool decks and concrete in general. Sadly, there are no ways to permanently make cracks disappear but there are materials that can be used to make them take much longer to appear like stamped concrete and concrete overlays that will fill the crack to keep it from spreading or showing
concrete pool deck paint
Faded Finishes
Faded finishes like paint and sealers can cause a massive loss in performance for your pool decking that can make the concrete deck very dangerous to use. Sealers and the acrylic paints most finishes are the main forms of protection that reflect heat and even the main reason why the deck is slip and skid resistant. This pool deck repair should be done ASAP
concrete pool deck resurfacing
Peeling Coatings
Peeling coatings are most commonly caused by cracks or gouges that have been left unattended to. The crack or gouge will allow water to infiltrate the pool deck coating and delaminate from the concrete. To know if this is happening on your deck and will require a pool deck repair, feel areas around cracks and gouges to see if they move or feel like they are buckling.
Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete is by far the most common form of pool deck resurfacing that is being used in today’s market. Just like other forms of concrete, the coating will begin to crack out so a cement pool deck repair will need to be done. Catch the cracks while they are new or you could face needing the entire deck to be resurfaced to match the repair.
stained concrete pool deck
Stained Concrete
Another common type of decking is the stained concrete pool deck. Sadly, this form of pool decking is to be just as durable as bare concrete, making it susceptible to damage. We will fill all cracks and gouges and restain the affected area. We can even restain the entire deck to make sure the patch won’t be seen as older stains may be different than when they were first installed.
resurfacing pool deck
Concrete Overlays
If your pool deck has been resurfaced in the past there is a good chance that your concrete pool deck has been repaired using a concrete overlay. This is the best case scenario as a pool deck repair using a concrete overlay is very simplistic and can be completed in as little as 2-3 days for a perfect match. You can even ask about our various other coatings!
concrete pool decks
How Long Does It Take?
Most concrete pool deck repairs are fairly simplistic and won’t leave you out of your pool for very long. Our concrete pool deck contractors have decades of experience performing the swimming pool concrete deck repair procedure so depending on weather and extent of damage, you can be back in the pool with the week! Make sure to give us a call soon, summer is right around the corner!
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Trusted Results
As a company owner that was born and raised in Dallas Texas, our team only has one goal in mind, bringing the best service, materials, and finishes to our neighbors in Dallas. We are driven to make sure you get the best experience possible by hand picking our team of contractors and leaving nothing to chance. We stand by our work, so we even offer limited warranties for our finishes! Take a look at the homepage and see how pool deck repair & resurfacing will benefit you!