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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring
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Epoxy Flooring

When traditional flooring doesn’t meet your standards and concrete flooring doesn’t bode well because its appearance, there is only one flooring that has what it takes. For our neighbors in Dallas, we are offering a flooring that won’t only perform great, it looks great too! This flooring is known as the epoxy flooring system and it can:
  • Survive decades in extremely harsh areas
  • Provide both dazzling or efficient finishes
  • Make your neighbors and competitors green with envy!
Want to learn more about our amazing epoxy floor coatings? We have all the information you need and more down below!
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Types Of Epoxy Flooring

Contrary to popular belief, there are many other types of epoxy flooring systems than just a commercial or industrial coating. As a matter of fact, there are just as many types of epoxy flooring as there are types of tile. Because there are so many types of epoxy floor coatings offered in Dallas, we have taken the liberty n outlining our most popular epoxies down below:
  • Garage floor epoxy is most commonly used to create a bright and more welcoming garage while supplying protection from damage and chemicals
  • Commercial epoxy is one of the few floorings to be approved by the USDA for use in sensitive facilities like food processing plants and even in hospitals for its hygienic and seamless finish
  • Metallic epoxy flooring is the most exotic and modern flooring on the market with the ability to replicate the appearance of clouds, lava, and even waves all while maintaining the performance of traditional epoxy
  • Pebbled epoxy is the newest form of epoxy flooring and is created by mixing small pebbles or pea gravel into epoxy resin to create a durable and slip/skid resistant flooring option typically for exterior use
Dallas epoxy flooring

Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

While the general population might now the strength and seamless appearance of an epoxy flooring system, there is so much more that an epoxy floor can do for your home or business. While we talked about some of the benefits of using epoxy in the types of epoxy section, we barely scratched the surface of what an epoxy floor coating in Dallas can really do for you. Because of the wide variety of benefits our flooring systems that our epoxies can provide, we are going to outline the benefits that our past clients have loved the most down below:
epoxy concrete floor
Extreme Performance
The benefit that epoxy flooring in Dallas is mostly known for is its ability to boost the overall performance of your facility. This performance boost includes but is not limited to:
  • An improved weight capacity of nearly 25,000 PSI compared to bare concretes 3,500 PSI tolerance
  • While the natural texture of epoxy is adequate, we offer an additive that can be used to give the flooring texture and the ability to be safely walked on when wet or soiled
  • Resistance to water, fire, and electricity
epoxy flooring contractors
Fast Installation
When it comes to having new flooring installed in your home or business, nobody wants to wait weeks for the flooring to be completed like a traditional flooring system such as tile. With an epoxy:
  • We can have a 2 car garage ready for use in as little as 4 days
  • Quick cure epoxy systems for commercial or industrial settings can be ready for light duty in as little as 1 hour
  • We can work in sections so you can still use your home and work in your facility
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Long Service Life
Whether you are using epoxy for your home or business, it is an investment that will last you decades. Here is how epoxy flooring is able to benefit your company or home with its long lifetime:
  • With a service life of 20 to sometimes 30 years, epoxy flooring will keep construction crews out of your facility for flooring at least
  • The long lifetime of epoxy means the lifecycle costs are much lower than traditional flooring that has to be refreshed or replaced every 3-5 years
metallic epoxy floor
Unlimited Customization
What homeowners and business owners love the most about epoxy is the wide variety of options that the flooring allows for customization like:
  • We offer a large selection of base colors, multi-colored or single colored flakes, and even metallic pigments to craft exotic but modern floorings
  • The option to have your favorite emblem placed directly into your flooring for enthusiasts or store owners
  • Customization for warehouses with stencils to create walkways, barriers, text, and even vehicle pathways to make the workplace more efficient, especially for new employees
garage floor epoxy
Safe For The Environment
Unlike other traditional flooring options like tile and hardwood, epoxy flooring is safe for the environment. Not only does the flooring option take less from the environment, but it can also help protect mother nature and here’s how:
  • Epoxy flooring keeps all accidental chemical spills on its surface, isolating the chemical for easy cleanup and disposal
  • Epoxy resin doesn’t tear down trees or destroy rocks for its beauty, it is crafted in a lab using artificial substances
  • When retired, epoxy won’t sit in a landfill
commercial epoxy flooring
Light Reflectivity
A key feature of epoxy is its ability to reflect light at very high efficiency. This light reflectivity can do more than any number of lighting sources for a dark and gloomy area.
  • A garage floor epoxy; and any other epoxy; can make an area up to 300 percent brighter without additional lighting sources
  • Reflecting light can make objects on the flooring much easier to spot, making it safer
  • Reduced usage of additional lighting can reduce the cost of your power bill
residential epoxy flooring
Maintaining Your Epoxy Flooring
Maintaining your epoxy is easier than any other flooring system because it won’t require any waxes or polishes, you probably have everything you need for maintenance already. To remove loose dirt and other foreign materials, simply use a soft bristle broom to remove them and pick up larger objects by hand. For cleaning use a standard wet mop to disinfect the flooring. For garage floor epoxy, you can even use a garden hose!
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Epoxy You Can Trust!
When it comes to epoxy flooring, our team of epoxy flooring contractors in Dallas knows what it takes to get the best possible results. Thankfully, our team of engineers has crafted award-winning epoxy floor coatings for years so it makes our job a little easier. If your tired of subpar contractors offering you garage epoxies, give us a call today, we can even give you a professional, free quote! For more information about epoxy flooring and related flooring services you can take a look at the homepage!