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Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy
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Garage Floor Epoxy Dallas Texas

Are you tired of your garage being the darkest and unwelcoming part of your home? Don’t worry, millions of Americans across the country feel the exact same way that you do! But, you have the opportunity to turn this feeling around with our garage floor epoxy in Dallas! Having been professionally installing garage floor epoxy for decades, we can bring the best epoxies in Dallas to you for incredibly low rates! With an epoxy garage floor, you can:
  • Experience beautiful and high-performance flooring
  • Make your garage up to 300 percent brighter
  • Help our planet with a “green” flooring system
There is so much more to our garage floor coating and you can find all you need to know about them down below!
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Customizing Your Garage Floor

Perhaps the best feature of having a garage floor epoxy installed in your home is the massive level of customization that you have control over. Epoxy flooring comes in a liquid state or nothing is set in stone as some may say. The liquid embodiment of epoxy leaves you with complete control over how your flooring is going to look. Here is how you can customize your epoxy garage floor in Dallas:
  • We offer a wide selection of base colors, the option to use flakes that are multi-colored or single colored and even the ability to craft a metallic epoxy garage floor using metallic pigments
  • For the extreme enthusiast, we even offer the ability to have your favorite logo or emblem installed directly into your flooring where it will be protected and visible for the lifetime of the garage floor coating
  • Do you want to organize your garage and have sections for tools or other items? With a garage epoxy, we can use stencils to create text, barriers and even symbols like arrows
metallic epoxy garage floor

Benefits Of Using Garage Floor Epoxy

No longer will you have to deal with the subpar performance of traditional concrete flooring or need to deal with unprofessional epoxy flooring contractors in Dallas. When you choose to use our award-winning epoxy garage floor coating, a whole world of amazing benefits is going to present itself to you. When your epoxy is professionally installed, you will have the full range of performance and customization so we always urge our clients to stay away from unprofessional contractors you will end up spending even more money to have their mistakes fixed! Here is what you stand to gain from using a garage floor epoxy in Dallas:
garage epoxy
Increased Durability
One of the key benefits of using an epoxy floor coating is the level of durability the floor coating can bring to your garage. Here is how an epoxy floor can make your concrete more durable:
  • Garage floor epoxy has a weight tolerance of 25,000 PSI compared to high grade concretes 3,500 PSI tolerance
  • Epoxy can protect the concrete from dropped objects and heavy usage
  • An epoxy garage floor is waterproof and resistant to fire and electricity
epoxy garage floor coating
Superior Chemical Resistance
Surveys show that most American household store the homes harsh chemicals in the garage and even use them in the garage at least 5 times a month, so here’s how a garage floor epoxy in Dallas can protect your concrete from an accident:
  • Garage epoxy can be formulated to protect against specific chemicals if you regularly use a chemical
  • Epoxy will isolate the chemical on the surface for easy cleanup and disposal
  • The chemical won’t come in contact with the concrete, protecting against spills in the environment
epoxy garage floor installers
Easy Maintenance
Where most garage floor coatings lose their footing is the harsh and time-consuming maintenance they require. An epoxy garage floor is the polar opposite when compared to traditional floorings in this category and here’s why:
  • Epoxy won’t require the use of messy and hard to work polishes or waxes to make the flooring shine
  • An epoxy garage floor has a nonporous surface, leaving stains out of the flooring altogether
  • All you need for maintenance is a soft bristle broom and a standard wet mop!
garage floor epoxy Dallas
Slip And Skid Resistant
Whether you work on vehicles in your garage or if your garage becomes wet during rain, there should be a level of slip resistance that should be implemented in your garages flooring and a garage epoxy floor does this by
  • The natural makeup and material provide ample amounts of tread when shoes are worn on its surface
  • We have an additive that mimics the appearance of sand that can give the flooring traction, making it safe to walk on when soiled or wet
garage epoxy coating
Incredible Investment
When looking at flooring for the garage, you want the best investment for your money and no other flooring compares to the investment of an epoxy garage floor in Dallas because:
  • A garage floor epoxy that is professionally installed and in taken care of can last anywhere from 20-30 years; that’s 30 years of concrete protection
  • The incredibly long lifetime of epoxy flooring makes the lifecycle cost thousands of dollars less than traditional flooring
  • An epoxy garage floor can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home!
best garage floor epoxy coating
Extremely Hygienic
We know that everyone doesn’t use the garage for just mechanical repairs or to store things in. Did you know that epoxy flooring is extremely hygienic and safe thanks to its seamless surface and has even been approved by the USDA for use in sensitive facilities? Heres how this can benefit your home:
  • The surface of epoxy is extremely easy to disinfect so lingering germs won’t be brought into the home
  • You will be able to safely prepare food in the garage without having to worry about foreign germs
  • The pride in knowing that your pool deck isn’t from a cookie cutter design but directly from your imagination, truly yours
garage floor epoxy contractors
Maintaining Your Epoxy Garage Floor
Maintenance on your garage will only take you 30 minutes at most with a garage floor epoxy in Dallas! All you need to maintain your garage is a soft bristle broom and a standard wet mop. Are you in a rush or don’t want to find the broom or mop? Don’t worry about it, an epoxy garage floor can simply be cleaned using your garden hose, just make sure the water is below 115 degrees.
professional garage floor epoxy
How Long Does It Take?
Our team of garage floor epoxy contractors and installers have decades of experience working with epoxy, so we know what it takes to get your epoxy ready for use as soon as possible without cutting corners like other epoxy flooring companies in Dallas do. We can have a 2 car garage ready for full use in 4 days time! We will be done on the first day but the epoxy will need to cure at least 72 hours before it is ready for full use. Take this opportunity to learn more about epoxy flooring and other concrete resurfacing options by visiting our homepage!