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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing
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Pool Deck Resurfacing
No matter what you do to protect your exterior concrete, the damage from outside hazards such as UV rays, storms, and heavy usage is inevitable and must be dealt with accordingly. Thankfully, there is an alternative to having your entire concrete slab torn up and replace and that alternative is pool deck resurfacing. With our pool deck resurfacing procedure, you have the opportunity to:
  • Customize your own pool deck
  • Maximize safety in your back yard
  • Add thousands of dollars in value to your home
Want to learn more about how we can save your concrete pool deck? All the information you need is down below!
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Materials That We Offer
The best part about having your pool deck resurfaced is the wide range of materials that we offer. We offer plenty of different pool deck materials that can be used to craft a backyard oasis that you can design straight from your imagination. Here are our most popular pool deck coatings that our clients love!
  • Our stamped concrete is extremely exotic but offers the strength and long lifetime of concrete
  • Stained concrete can be used to craft the appearance of hardwood, pavers or used to make a marbling effect
  • Sundek is the originator of the “knockdown” texture and has been engineering award-winning materials since 1970
  • We can reseal your concrete pool deck to bring it back to its former glory with acrylic or urethane sealer
  • Pavers over concrete pool deck can be used to create a simplistic and modern finish that is both durable and easy to maintain
  • The new pebbled epoxy can even be used around pool decking to provide slip and skid resistance through its rock-like finish
concrete pool deck)
Why Should I Resurface My Pool Deck?
Now that you know the types of pool deck coatings that we offer to perform pool deck resurfacing, now you need to know what these coatings can do for you and even your home. From making your concrete pool deck more comfortable to walk on in direct sunlight to increase the value of your home, there isn’t much that our services can’t do for you! Since there are so many benefits included when you resurface pool deck that we are only able to outline the most popular benefits that our pool deck contractors can provide for you down below!
resurface pool deck
Appealing Finishes
Many homeowners choose to have their pool deck resurfaced is so they can design the deck in their own vision. Many times, homeowners have no input about the decking when buying a house as the decking is already completed, but with pool deck resurfacing you can:
  • You will have the opportunity to choose multiple materials to make the pool decking truly yours
  • You will have full control of the pool deck to make it one of a kind and up to your standard
  • use our full arsenal of award-winning coatings for trusted and long-lasting results
concrete pool deck resurfacing
A Worthy Investment
Our pool deck resurfacing service is an investment in its own rights, but it can also be used to improve the investment you already have into your home. This is because:
  • A resurfaced pool deck is going to last longer than an unattended to and or damaged pool deck through the pool deck repairs that will be done during the process
  • A resurfaced pool deck can even help your home pass inspection before being approved for a loan as a damaged pool deck will always automatically fail inspection
  • The process can add thousands of dollars in value to your home
Easy Maintenance
The main reason why so many homeowners tend to stay away from stylish finishes like stained or stamped concrete is that they believe the maintenance on these systems will be too much. We are happy to say that all of our materials will require minimal maintenance and the maintenance that will need to be performed will be extremely simplistic. Maintenance goes as follows:
  • To clean a soiled deck, simply use your garden hose to wash all debris or dirt off the deck into the drainage system
  • Coatings with sealers will need to be resealed every 5-10 years
Increased Comfort
When the pool deck becomes damaged or when the paint or sealer become faded, the pool deck can become much less comfortable to use. When you have your pool deck resurfaced, you will enjoy the following comforts.
  • A fresh coat of paint on your concrete pool deck in Dallas can make the deck up to 30 degrees cooler, even in direct sunlight
  • With a brand new pool deck, guests and family will feel more at ease when using the decking
  • You can have much more pride when lounging outside with your resurfaced and beautiful pool deck
Improved Performance
From a more technical standpoint, there is a huge boost in performance that your concrete can have when it is resurfaced. Because the pool decks concrete is repaired during this process, you can enjoy:
  • Improved damage resistance from sources like harsh UV rays, heavy foot traffic and even from storms that bring heavy wind that drops objects on the pool deck
  • Your resurfaced pool deck will be much more efficient at resisting all of the harsh chemicals found in pools and pool cleaners
  • A freshly resurfaced pool deck will also be more resistant to wear and tear
cool deck for pools
Pool Deck Repair
Don’t need a full resurfacing procedure done to your concrete pool deck in Dallas but don’t need the entire deck fixed? We offer a much more affordable solution for this exact reason! Our team of pool deck contractors has decades of experience in pool deck repair so you can have your decking repaired or patched. Our team is so good, you won’t be able to tell where we repaired your pool deck!
pool deck repair
You Can Trust Us!
Are you tired of getting the run around from other pool deck resurfacing companies in Dallas and just want a company that cares as much as you do? As a company that was founded here in Dallas, we know that our neighbors want to be treated with respect and that is exactly what we built our business on, respect. If you want a team of contractors with decades of experience to get the job right the first time, give us a call today for a free quote. Click here to check out the homepage and discover all of the ways that you can transform your pool deck.