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Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing
Concrete Resurfacing2019-08-10T06:45:30+00:00

Concrete Resurfacing Dallas Texas

No matter how high grade your concrete is, the reality of concrete is that it is going to become damaged in the form of cracks, gouges or even peeling. Most of the time, contractors will try to talk you into having the entire slab replaced, which can take weeks and cost thousands. Well, that won’t have to be a reality for our neighbors in Dallas because we have a much faster and affordable route available. We can resurface your concrete which can:
  • Provide a uniform finish throughout the slab
  • Drastically improve the concretes performance
  • Take only days to complete!
Want to know more about concrete resurfacing in Dallas? We have all you need to know down below!
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Why You Should Resurface Your Concrete

While saving your time and money is an amazing benefit of concrete resurfacing, there is so much more to our innovative flooring solutions. From better finishes all the way to better overall performance, our concrete floor resurfacing has you covered. Here are only a few of the most popular benefits your home or business stand to gain from electing to resurface concrete:
  • When concrete is resurfaced, the base micro topping element fills all cracks gouges and we lift all stains prior to increase adherence to the slab. After the concrete is resurfaced, you will have a smooth, clean and uniform concrete surface that will look better than new.
  • Think of our micro topping as a safety net for your concrete slab. Resurfaced concrete can withstand much more weight than a bare concrete surface thanks to the high tensile strength of the base material we use.
  • The best part about using concrete resurfacing is that the material acts as a base coat, meaning it can be used as a leveling agent for other materials like stamped concrete, epoxy, and even stains.
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Materials You Can Use For Resurfacing

While our base coat micro topping is a great flooring solution for many people, you have the opportunity to do so much more in terms of customization and performance than ever before. No longer will you have to deal with a bland and unwelcoming concrete slab, you have the world at your fingertips when you have your concrete resurfaced. We offer dozens of materials but since we offer so many, we only have enough room to outline our most popular coatings that our past clients have ranted and raved about down below! For more information on other coatings, give us a call today!
epoxy flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy flooring is the perfect solution for damaged concrete as it can strengthen the concrete all while supplying an appealing finish. Here is what you stand to gain from using epoxy to resurface concrete.
  • When using epoxy, cracks and other forms of damage will take much longer to form as the high tensile strength of epoxy holds the concrete in place
  • Epoxy flooring is the number one chemical resistant flooring option on the market
  • Wide range of customization is allowed with epoxy
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Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete is the way to go if you are looking for exotic finishes but still want protection from damage with the strength of concrete. A stamped concrete overlay can:
  • Replicate the appearance of natural stone, pavers and even appear to look like rustic wood flooring.
  • Stamped concrete also provides natural traction through its texture, meaning it can be walked on while wet
  • By using stains, we can make the stamped concrete overlay appear more realistic than with just a sealer
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Concrete Overlays
Concrete overlays are the lesser and more affordable version of a stamped concrete overlay, but don’t let that deter you from its amazing features! A concrete overlay system will provide:
  • Concrete overlays offer the same level of protection from dropped objects, wear and tear as a stamped concrete overlay with a more toned down appearance
  • You can create beautiful finishes by asking for artistic overlays that can be crafted with trowels and stencils
  • Concrete overlays receive an acrylic or urethane sealer which will protect against chemical damage
rubber floor coating
Rubberized Concrete Coatings
If you’re looking to resurface concrete outside, indoors, in the garage or in a harsh industrial setting, a rubberized concrete coating will never let you down. With a rubberized concrete coating you can have the following benefits implemented into your home or facility:
  • Rubberized concrete coatings are extremely hard to damage thanks to its elastic like finish, protecting it from intense usage all the way to dropped objects
  • This concrete coating is able to resist the effects of extreme weather whether it’s below freezing or over 100 degrees
metallic epoxy
Metallic Epoxy
Want to resurface your concrete with a coating that will make your home or business pop? Our metallic epoxy floor coatings are the perfect flooring for this with the following benefits:
  • Exotic finishes that include the replication of a cloudy day, lava flowing down a mountain or even waves crashing into a beach
  • Metallic epoxy is also strong as it uses the same 100 percent solid epoxy base as industrial epoxy flooring
  • Even with its appealing finishes, metallic epoxy is extremely easy to maintain
Concrete Repairs
Not all damage requires full one concrete resurfacing, some minor damage can simply be patched or repaired. Our team of concrete resurfacing contractors is trained to make these decisions and we are geared towards saving you money by simply repairing:
  • Small and isolated cracks that don’t break through the concretes bottom
  • Gouges or peel marks that can simply be patched or filled and then given a high-grade sealer
  • Save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars compared to a complete resurfacing or replacement of your concrete
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How Long Is This Going To Take?
We know how important it is that your concrete is functional whether it be in the residential setting or industrial/commercial setting so we won’t waste your time with a process that could take weeks to finish. Depending on the size of your concrete and the type of material we use your concrete can be resurfaced within 5-6 days! Call us today for a free no obligation quote to learn how fast we can get your project done!
concrete resurfacing contractors near me
Results You Can Trust
As a company that was founded and built to its current state in Dallas Texas, our team only has one goal in mind, bringing the best service, materials, and finishes to our neighbors in Dallas. We are driven to make sure you get the best experience possible by hand picking our team of contractors to make sure you get the level of service we hold ourselves accountable to. to prove that we stand by our work, all coatings are covered by a warranty. For more information about the options you have with concrete resurfacing visit the homepage!