Pool Tips

Pool Tips
Dec 18, 2019

Cool Deck VS Standard Pool Deck Coatings


Cool Deck VS Standard Pool Deck Coatings The long hot days of summer take a toll on your body and often the only outdoor activities that are bearable include sitting by the pool. But, if your pool deck surface is too hot to handle, a lazy summer afternoon can turn into a disaster quickly. When you consider that the majority of homeowners will spend more time on the pool deck than in the pool, it is important to choose your pool deck coating wisely. Pool deck coatings are an important part of your pool landscape, but you [...]

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Dec 4, 2019

Making Your Pool Deck More Appealing


Making Your Pool Deck More Appealing Are you a homeowner that didn't get the chance to pick the pool decking that was installed? The truth is that most homeowners buy the home with the pool decking already installed, but most of the time, the deck was created by someone with different tastes. So how do you go about making the pool deck more attractive in your eyes? Well, we have found the best way to fall back in love with your pool deck is to use a concrete coating! So today, we are going to [...]

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Dec 4, 2019

Modern Pool Deck Designs For Your Inspiration


Modern Pool Decking For Your Inspiration When it comes to pool decking, some designs have been left unchanged for decades and this won't exactly leave you falling in love with your deck when everyone else has the same one in their backyard. In the modern era, we have the advantage of the internet to find all of the amazing things that homeowners are doing to their pool decks. With so many different ideas, you can find a few that you are in love with to show to your contractor so you can design the pool deck [...]

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Dec 4, 2019

Upgrades To Your Pool Decking


Upgrades To Your Pool Decking If you are a homeowner that has installed a pool and pool deck or even if you bought a home with a preinstalled decking system, there is always something that you feel that can be improved upon. When most homeowners build a pool deck, they are mostly focused on keeping the costs low at the time of construction, opting for a more affordable coating. When you don't have the luxury of even getting to choose an affordable coating when you buy a home that has the deck already installed, it can [...]

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Dec 4, 2019

Pool Deck Resurfacing – Don’t Settle For Less


Pool Deck Resurfacing- Don’t Settle For Less If you have a pool in your backyard, chances are that you also have a pool deck. No matter how big or how small they may be, they are most likely affected by some form of damage that can make you unattracted to your deck and potentially harm your pool itself. While most contractors will see cracks and automatically call for the slab to be replaced, there is a better option on the market that won't leave your savings in shambles. We are talking about pool deck resurfacing! [...]

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Sep 15, 2019

Professional Guidelines For Concrete Resurfacing


Professional Guidelines For Concrete Resurfacing You have been planning your renovation for months, your budget is set, and you are ready to go. Almost 50% of homeowners who set a budget for their renovation project report to have exceeded the budget. One of the highest line items for any renovation project is flooring. So, maybe it is time to consider a lower cost alternative to the flooring needs of your renovation. Many exposed subfloors inside your home are concrete, and resurfacing the concrete may be the least cost alternative to your renovation. You may be thinking that [...]

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Sep 15, 2019

Bring Your Pool Deck Into The Modern Era


Bring Your Pool Deck Into The Modern Era Whether your pool is used for entertainment, a health spa, or an exercise lap pool, the surrounding deck is an important and integral part of not only your pool but also your landscape and the overall feel and design of your home. Not only can your pool deck be the backdrop for your entire poolscape, but it can also be the part of your pool area that either enhances your landscape or become an eyesore. Whether you want a simple modern aesthetic, an inviting courtyard feel, or [...]

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Sep 7, 2019

Pool Decking That Will Complete Your Home


Pool Decking That Will Complete Your Home Pool decks have specific performance requirements when compared to other traditional patio surfaces. They need to be slip and heat resistant as well as have the ability to withstand the constant exposure to water and harsh pool chemicals. They need to be gentle on bare feet and splinter free. This is a tall order to fill, but there are many options that not only fit the bill, but also enhance your home and pool area. There are many varieties of concrete overlays and surfaces that can meet all [...]

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