Pool Deck Resurfacing – Don’t Settle For Less

Pool Deck Resurfacing – Don’t Settle For Less
Pool Deck Resurfacing-

Don’t Settle For Less

If you have a pool in your backyard, chances are that you also have a pool deck. No matter how big or how small they may be, they are most likely affected by some form of damage that can make you unattracted to your deck and potentially harm your pool itself. While most contractors will see cracks and automatically call for the slab to be replaced, there is a better option on the market that won’t leave your savings in shambles. We are talking about pool deck resurfacing! Pool deck resurfacing saves your pool deck from cracks, weathering, and discoloration without causing harm to your pool’s plumbing that is dwelling under your slab. Want to know why pool deck resurfacing is the best option for a damaged deck? Well, you can find out down below!
What To Look Out For
So what warrants a pool deck resurfacing procedure? Well thankfully, the damage that has inflicted the deck is almost always visible to the naked eye. Next time you are on your pool deck, make sure to keep a lookout for damage that includes: Cracks, weathered spots, peeling coatings, discoloration and raised or high spots on the deck. These are by far the most common forms of damage to affect the deck. But, if cracks are large, you may need to seek out the opinion of a professional to see if your deck is eligible for resurfacing or if the entire slab will need to be replaced. As unfortunate as it is, pool deck resurfacing is not the answer for all of your decking woes, sometimes the damage may just be too much to conquer with a coating.
Pool Deck Resurfacing- The Options
Whether you are resurfacing your concrete pool deck to repair the damage on your deck or just to get a new aesthetic in your backyard, there are plenty of options to choose from. For example, one of the most common forms of pool deck coatings after resurfacing is the stamped concrete overlay. Stamped concrete overlays are perfect for the pool deck for their resistance to harsh UV rays, resistance to the harsh chemicals used to keep your pool clean; with a sealer, and its ability to mimic natural materials like natural stone, intricate paver patterns and slate at a fraction of the price of the natural materials. Want to know a few of the options you have for resurfacing? You can find them down below:
  • Pavers
  • Rustic Wood Concrete
  • Kool Decking
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Artistic Overlays
  • Stenciled Concrete
Pool Deck Resurfacing- The Benefits
So besides customizing your pool deck, what else makes pool deck resurfacing the service that won’t leave you shorthanded? Why should I resurface over replacing my concrete? Well, the biggest benefit of choosing to resurface your slab is the price. To replace the pool deck, removal of the concrete alone can cost up to 6 dollars a foot, materials to repour the concrete can be around 7-15 dollars a square foot along with the rental of a cement truck and installation can be around 6-10 dollars a square foot. When the project is said and done, you can be looking at a project that can take up to 25,000 dollars! With pool deck resurfacing, the cost to repair, prepare and install the coating will be around 3 dollars a square foot to 20 dollars a square foot depending on the coating you choose bringing the total cost to 2,500 to 15,000 for a resurfacing procedure. Down below, you can find even more benefits about pool deck resurfacing:
  • Increased Slip and Skid Resistance
  • Longer Lasting Concrete
  • Simplistic Maintenance
  • Increased Home Value
  • Improved Aesthetics
  • Coatings That Can Last Up To 30 Years
Now that you know what pool deck resurfacing has to offer, it’s time to see if you are eligible to have your deck resurfaced. Remember, if you feel like the cracks are larger than normal, call a professional to give you their opinion, some even offer free quotes! No matter what you do with your decking, we give you our best wishes on all of your home and backyard renovations to come.