Modern Pool Deck Designs For Your Inspiration

Modern Pool Deck Designs For Your Inspiration
Modern Pool Decking

For Your Inspiration

When it comes to pool decking, some designs have been left unchanged for decades and this won’t exactly leave you falling in love with your deck when everyone else has the same one in their backyard. In the modern era, we have the advantage of the internet to find all of the amazing things that homeowners are doing to their pool decks. With so many different ideas, you can find a few that you are in love with to show to your contractor so you can design the pool deck of your dreams. So today, we are going to be doing exactly that, giving you inspiration and a few ideas for your new pool deck! Down below, you will find some of the newest, innovative and trendiest pool decks that your contractor can install for you!

Use More Than One Material
Nobody has ever said that your pool deck has to be dominated by more than one material! Thousands of homeowners across the nation are finding ways to implement up to several different materials around the pool from different edging materials to decks that have a decorative piece in the middle. For example, a pool deck that has materials like brick, stamped concrete and natural stone surrounding it will give you a warm feeling every time you go to your backyard to relax or to go for a refreshing dive in the pool in the summertime.
Connect Your Deck To Your Patio
One of the best ways that you could make your backyard space feel larger is by connecting your patio to your pool deck. No, we just don’t mean expanding the concrete to connect to your pool, you can get artistic with it! Many homeowners are looking to the different types of pavers, natural stone and even concrete coatings like rustic wood concrete to create a pathway to the pool. Not only will your backyard feel bigger, but you will also have more usable space to entertain more guests, more poolside furniture and have more room to decorate the deck with potted plants or more room to provide shade with a structure like a gazebo.
Landscaping Is Key
The biggest key to a beautiful pool deck isn’t on the decking at all, it’s the surrounding landscaping. If your goal is to create an oasis that you will enjoy for years on end, the landscaping surrounding the deck must be on par with your plans. Think about it, do you want a beautiful pool deck to be surrounded by pebbles? The choice to go with natural stone mixes, pavers with sections for trees or even a desert feel with cacti and decorative rock are all amazing options for surrounding pool decking. We encourage you to opt for landscaping that doesn’t grow too much or have roots that will spread too much as they may go under your pool decking, lift the deck and even cause damage to your pool.
Tech It Out
With modern pool decking, there are hundreds of ways to implement smart home features in your pool deck. Nothing will set the ambiance like lighting and with new wifi enabled lighting and LED light ropes on the market, it has never been easier to set the mood for any occasion! Nothing makes a party like music and with new waterproof speakers, natural mold rocks with speakers and mountable speakers available, there is an endless selection of options that can be used to blend in with your pool deck for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Now that you know how modern pool decking is being built, it’s time to implement it in your home! It’s time to stick out from the mold and craft a pool deck that you, your contractor and your neighbors will be envious of and maybe your pool deck will be somebody else’s inspiration one day! No matter what, we wish you the best of luck crafting the pool deck of your dreams!