Cool Deck VS Standard Pool Deck Coatings

Cool Deck VS Standard Pool Deck Coatings
Cool Deck VS Standard

Pool Deck Coatings

cool pool deck coating
The long hot days of summer take a toll on your body and often the only outdoor activities that are bearable include sitting by the pool. But, if your pool deck surface is too hot to handle, a lazy summer afternoon can turn into a disaster quickly. When you consider that the majority of homeowners will spend more time on the pool deck than in the pool, it is important to choose your pool deck coating wisely. Pool deck coatings are an important part of your pool landscape, but you may want to consider a Cool Deck pool deck for your pool deck resurfacing needs.

Cool Deck is a topping applied over a concrete base. The special material is applied to a concrete surface while it is curing in order to significantly lower the surface temperature. Cool Deck application lowers the surface temperature of your pool deck by 20 degrees, saving you and your family from the painful burns that can often occur on your pool deck.

Cool Deck coating is also resistant to expansion and contraction much better than other pool deck coatings. This can keep your concrete from cracking or chipping and save money on future repairs. Cracks can not only become an eyesore but can also become a danger for your family and guests as larger cracks and divots in your concrete become tripping hazards.

When you are looking for a low maintenance and highly durable option for your pool deck, you should consider Cool Deck. The Cool Deck coating is incredibly easy to clean and maintain and will not only withstand the harsh UV rays of summer but also the intense pool chemicals that your pool deck encounters on a regular basis. It is also water resistant, which makes it resistant to mold and mildew buildup.

Other pool deck coatings can be applied to enhance the aesthetic and durability of your pool deck but without the Cool Deck coating, you may not be able to enjoy your pool as much as you would like. Cool Deck comes in a wide variety of colors or patterns to match your design style and it can be textured to make it more slip resistant.

Although the options for pool deck resurfacing may seem endless, adding a Cool Deck coating is an easy choice.