Bring Your Pool Deck Into The Modern Era

Bring Your Pool Deck Into The Modern Era
Bring Your Pool Deck

Into The Modern Era

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Whether your pool is used for entertainment, a health spa, or an exercise lap pool, the surrounding deck is an important and integral part of not only your pool but also your landscape and the overall feel and design of your home. Not only can your pool deck be the backdrop for your entire poolscape, but it can also be the part of your pool area that either enhances your landscape or become an eyesore. Whether you want a simple modern aesthetic, an inviting courtyard feel, or a naturalistic environment, your pool decking and area are important parts of your outdoor oasis. The wide variety of finishes or materials that can be used to update your poolscape will be a way to bring your pool deck into the twenty-first century.

Poured concrete is one of the best options for your pool deck because it is affordable, durable, virtually maintenance free, and it can withstand the harsh rays of the sun as well as pool chemicals and standing water. Concrete can be finished with many applications that can add slip resistance, heat resistance, and design to your pool deck. Whether you choose to have your concrete brushed to create an interesting texture or you have it stamped to give the appearance of brick or natural stone, the options are nearly limitless when it comes to poured concrete choices and aesthetics.

Maybe you are tired of your bland gray concrete or maybe your concrete is cracking and chipping. No matter the disrepair of your concrete pool deck, you can enhance the entire pool area by updating and resurfacing your pool deck. Creating an inviting pool deck does not have to break the bank, but choosing the right materials is important because many pool owners spend more time hanging out on the pool deck than they do inside the swimming pool or hot tub area. You do not have to be stuck with a plain pool deck just because it is made of immovable hard concrete. With a little imagination and some help from professionals, you can have an updated pool deck in little more than a weekend by adding color, texture, or patterns to your existing concrete deck.